Monday, October 29, 2007

Rebellion's Positives

Our Enriched English course's first quarter has dealt a greatly with the prospect of rebellion and its effects on the individual and society. Often times, our culture likes to view rebellion as an immature phase of childhood and adolescence where a child is simply over-exaggerating the situation or upsetting circumstances. Therefore, rebellion is negative to both sides according to the status quo. On the contrary, rebellion sometimes evolves into a choice that makes sense and can alter one's future by boosting their confidence, improving their intelligence, even benefiting others.

Lyra, nearing the end of the journey has succeeded in crowning Iorek Byrnison as the king of the north succeeding Iofur following brutal bear-on-bear battle. To achieve that, she lied to Iofur saying that she was in fact Iorek's daemon and wanted to be freed to live with Iofur and rule the land (354). That lie was a result of newly achieved confidence. In addition she rescued many children and their daemons from the wretched Mrs. Coulter and her evil child-murdering Oblation board, leading them to safety which obviously benefited others (300). She improved her intelligence with the knowledge of the alethiometer and its symbol readings and future predictions (276). The ending will most likely reveal yet more revelations and accomplishments. Bottom line: Lyra escaped Jordan College with anxiety and succeeded with newfound abilities.

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