Sunday, October 28, 2007

Precocious protagonists-lit comparison

As like many other young adult fiction, authors tend to portray teenagers and children as precocious individuals whom often face domestic struggles and unfortunate pasts. Death in a family is quite common, divorced parents, anti-social personalities, and of course...rebellion (haven't heard that before). These major groupings exist, because they are down to earth examples that many kids can relate to. In our enriched English literature and film content throughout the years, we have witnessed many of these topics and analyzed their importance.

In Extremely Loud and Incredibly close we have Oskar Schell who carries quite the intrepid personality. He feels un-daunted when stepping into strangers' houses inquiring as to if they know about a key that belonged to his father. However, he does this soliciting with careful grace and actually makes a difference in somebody's life, like Mr. Black by returning him to the joy of life outside his apartment. Lyra, the protagonist of The Golden Compass takes her kindness and confidence a step further by helping a large group of kidnapped children to escape from the hands of a ruthless leader, Mrs. Coulter (295).

Escaping authority, evident in the memoir, Black Boy, and the film, The 400 Blows is also a prevalent concept in this novel. As Richard (BB) rebels against his over protective parents and their ridiculous standards, he finds his true goal in life while working. He obviously wants to play the bread winner in the family, but also yearns to avoid such a conservative and restricting atmosphere in the household. Antoine, the protagonist of 400 Blows receives poor adult guidance at home and in school. In addition he is neglected and reprimanded often arbitrarily, which leads him to run away from home, grow exposed to mature elements, and finally arrested. Lyra didn't have a strong parental relationship because they were divorced, and her father was too busy in the university to take care of his daughter. She in turn leaves Jordan College and is eventually placed on a quest to save her country.

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