Monday, October 8, 2007

Characters--Confident to Condescending

a. Who are the main characters of your book? Describe their personality and what seems to motivate them.
In the novel, The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman, the author uses several compelling characters to further the plot and engage the audience. His protagonist, Lyra, orphaned at a young age is a lonely young girl isolated from much of the community. She lives on the Jordan College campus amongst many students and professors as well as her authoritative uncle Asriel. Her observant and inquisitive personality is demonstrated through the numerous eavesdroppings on scholarly meetings and courses. She adventures around the corridors and grounds with her best friend Roger and her Daemon, a shape-shifting pet, by the name of Pantalaimon, but yearns to experience the outside world. Uncle Asriel understands Lyra's intellect, yet never permits her accompany the men on quests or in major projects; she is motivated to prove them wrong.

Uncle Asriel, another main character has not been explained to the extent of Lyra, but his mysterious demeanor provides enough fodder to understand his personality. He is a very demanding man who relishes in authority. The steward and butler are only a few of his servants who carry out his whims and feel threatened by his arrogance. He loves his niece Lyra, but because of work and his chief role at the university often neglects her and excludes her from major projects and quests. Yet, his determination and desire to make peace among surrounding countries makes the reader respect him.

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